The Baltic Open is an unofficial competition for Formula Student cars and teams. Baltic Open features mostly the same dynamic routine as official competitions but static events have given way to include more team-to-team interaction, dynamic events and different special events. Unique to the Baltic Open is that Formula Student cars from all years and all classes are allowed to compete and so alumni participation is desirable.

Main goal of the competition is to allow teams to network better and to provide a testing ground for the cars and drivers. And naturally do all this in a relaxed environment. As each competition is organized by a different team and group each competition is an unique experience.

The first Baltic Open competition took place in september of 2003 in Hyvinkää, Finland and was organized by the teams of Stadia Motorsport (now Metropolia Motorsport; Helsinki Metropolia UAS) and Sirius Racing (doesn‘t exist anymore; Luleå Univerisy of Technology). The two nordic teams wanted to establish a second European competition besides Formula Student UK. Both teams were the only participants and the story tells that no car reached the finish line.

In the beginning only Swedish and Finnish teams participated in Baltic Open but during the years the event has become more and more popular, and nowadays 20 to 30 cars from all over Europe are participating each year.

In 2008 the event left Scandinavia for the first time to be organized in Delft as DUTch Open. Baltic “Dutch” Open was the first and currently only Formula Student competition ever held below sea level.

It has become traditional for the winning team to be given the primary chance to organize the next Baltic Open. This ment that in 2012 the competition drifted all the way down to Darmstadt, Germany. Baltic Open Darmstadt was won by Tallinn and they agreed that the 10th anniversary should be kept where it all started: Helsinki, Finland.